IBNA- The 6th edition of Scientific International Conference of Shams and ‎Mewlana ‎‎(Rumi) scheduled for 28-29 September in the city of Khoy, West Azerbaijan has called ‎for papers.‎
‎6th International Conference of Shams and Mewlana calls for papers ‎
The event which is held annually has been organized by Trusteeship of Shams Mausoleum in Khoy in cooperation with Iran’s Research ‎Center of Theosophy and Philosophy, the Scientific Association of Islamic Mysticism as well as some other research institutes.
The faculty members of universities, students of Persian language and literature and other disciplines of humanities are invited to send their papers to the secretariat of the conference. Every year, the event is attended by world scholars in addition to Shams and ‎Mevlana specialists.
‎ ‎
The main topics of conference include:‎
Manuscript Studies of Shams Work;

The Life, Time and the Mosouleum of Shams;

Mystical and Epistemological Approaches in Shams Work;

A Comparative study of Political Social and Cultural Situation of Iran and Anatolia in 13th Century with a Focus on the Formation of Mystical Ideas;

Shams and reformist ideas in the field of religious, cultural and social thoughts;

A Consideration of Ideas Expressed by Shams;
Those interested to participate in the conference may send their articles to info@anjoman-erfan.com not later than July 21.
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