IBNA- The Persian translation of the book, ‘Stanislavsky on the Art of the Stage’, Volume ‎‎1 (1961) by seminal Russian theatre practitioner Konstantin Stanislavsky has been ‎published.‎
Konstantin Stanislavsky ‎
Konstantin Stanislavsky ‎
According to IBNA correspondent, the book which also bears the review and ideas of the English translator of the work David Magarshack has been translated into Persian by Asghar Rastegar and released by Negah publishing in Tehran.
From the Introduction: The theory of acting, as evolved by Stanislavsky in his famous 'system', is not based on reasoning, as many of his critics assert, so much as on experience. It is the result of a lifetime devoted to the art of the stage, of years of experiment as actor and producer, and of a feeling of dissatisfaction with what passes for 'success' both among actors and audiences.
While certain general principles of acting had been laid down by a number of famous actors and playwrights, these, Stanislavsky found, had never been reduced to a system with the result that teachers of acting have nothing on which to base their teaching, since 'inspiration' on which the theoreticians of the stage put so much stress, cannot be taught, nor can it be expected to materialize itself just when the actor needs it. Neither can producers be relied on to assist the actor in capturing this elusive 'inspiration'.
'Producers, ' Stanislavsky writes, 'explain very cleverly what sort of result they want to get; they are only interested in the final result. They criticize and tell the actor what he should not do, but they do not tell him how to achieve the required result. The producer, ' Stanislavsky adds, 'can do a great deal, but he cannot do everything by any means. For the main thing is in the hands of the actor, who must be helped and instructed first of all'.

‘Stanislavsky on the Art of the Stage’ in Persian has been published in 368 pages and 500 copies.
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