IBNA- The Department of Oriental and Islamic Studies at the University of Tubingen in ‎Germany has organized a course of Ibadi Islamic school studies sceduled for September. ‎
Tubingen University to hold Ibadi studies course
According to IBNA correspondent, the Ibadi movement is one of the most ancient schools of Islam founded around the year 650 CE or about 20 years after the demise of the prophet Mohammad (PBUH) predating both the Sunni and Shia denominations.
Ibadism is dominant in Oman. It is also found in parts of Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and East Africa. Modern historians trace back the origins of the denomination to a moderate current of the Khawarij movement; contemporary Ibaḍis strongly object to being classified as Kharijites, although they recognize that their movement originated with the Kharijite secession of 657 CE.
The course will be taught in English and knowing Arabic would be an advantage for the students who are willing to enroll. The course will be free for the selected students and they also receive full sponsorship for their participation. The program is slated for September 7 to 10.
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