IBNA- The debut novel of Iranian writer Fariba Vafi 'My Bird' (2002) has been ‎translated into Arabic by Moroccan translator Ahmad Musa (PhD) and published in ‎Egypt. ‎
Iranian novel
According to IBNA correspondent, the novel has been translated into Arabic under the title of 'A Woman from Tehran' and has been released by Dar al-Rabi' Publishing in Cairo.
'My Bird' is introduced as: "The novel tries to delve into the inner worlds of thousands of Iranian women. With a simple and humane content, the work speaks to international audience devoid of regional and ethnic relations as well as cultural affiliations."
The novel has already been translated into English, Italian, Spanish, German and Kurdish Sorani and Turkish.
'My Bird' won a number of Iranian awards including the award for top novel from the “Golshiri Foundation” and “Yalda Literary Award”. It also picked up accolades from “Mehregan Adab Award” and “Isfahan Literary Award”. My Bird is already on its 30th reprint. 
Fariba Vafi is an Iranian Azerbaijani writer. She was born in Tabriz on 21 January 1963 in a middle-class family and started writing early in school and later authored short stories. Her first short story collection ‘In Depth of the Stage’ (Persian: Dar Omghe Sahne) was published in 1996.
Story Code : 288029
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