IBNA- ‘Knife: A Harry Hole Novel’ by the leading Norwegian author Jo Nesbø which ‎portrays its protagonist, police detective Harry Hole on a personal quest has been ‎published in Persian.‎
Jo Nesbø’s ‘Knife’ portrays its detective on personal quest
According to IBNA correspondent, the book has been translated into Persian by Ehsan Derakhshandeh and released by Negaresh Electronic Institute in 750 pages. Harry again hunts the mastermind killer who has haunted his entire career. This time his reasons are intensely personal.
Synopsis of ‘Knife’ reads: “Harry Hole is not in a good place. Rakel-the only woman he's ever loved-has kicked him out, permanently. He's been given a chance for a new start with the Oslo Police, but it's in the cold case office, when what he really wants is to be investigating cases he suspects have ties to Svein Finne, the serial rapist and murderer Harry helped put behind bars.
Finne is free after a decade in prison and Harry is certain he has taken up where he left off. But things will get worse. When Harry wakes up the morning after a drunken night with blood on his hands that's clearly not his own, it's the beginning of what will be a waking nightmare the likes of which even he could never have imagined.”
Story Code : 288000
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