IBNA- Atiq Rahimi's debut novella 'Earth and Ashes' (1999) which condenses ‎Afghanistan's history into a story of three generations has been published in Iran.‎
According to IBNA correspondent, written in Persian 'Earth and Ashes' was a turning point in the career of Atiq Rahimi, a leading Afghan author and filmmaker who has lived in France since 1984 and writes in French as well. The book has been released in Iran by Cheshmeh Publishing.

Synopsis of the book reads: "When the Soviet army arrives in Afghanistan, the elderly Dastaguir witnesses the destruction of his village and the death of his clan. His young grandson Yassin, deaf from the sounds of the bombing, is one of the few survivors.
The two set out through an unforgiving landscape, searching for the coal mine where Murad, the old man's son and the boy's father, works. They reach their destination only to learn that they must wait and rely for help on all that remains to them: a box of chewing tobacco, some unripe apples, and the kindness of strangers.
Haunting in its spareness, ‘Earth and Ashes’ is a tale of devastating loss, but also of human perseverance in the face of madness and war.”
Born in Afghanistan in 1962, Rahimi has made a name in France as a writer, film and documentary maker. The film of his first novel, ‘Earth and Ashes’, was in the Official Selection at Cannes, 2004.
He is adapting his second novel, ‘A Thousand Rooms of Dream and Fear’, for the screen. Since 2001, he has returned to Afghanistan many times to set up a Writers' House in Kabul and offer support and training to young writers and film-makers. He lives in Paris.
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