IBNA- The juvenile fiction by Canadian author and illustrator Cybèle Young has been ‎translated into Persian and is available to Iranian children. ‎
According to IBNA correspondent, the book which won the 2015 Marilyn Baillie Picture Book Award in Canada has been translated by Mina Pour-Sha'bani and released by Michka, children department of Mobtakeran Publishing.
Nancy knows she's forgotten something. Something important. When she tries to remember, she thinks of all kinds of other things instead. She remembers things she knows and things she doesn't quite know. She remembers things one way, then another.
Sometimes she remembers with her ears or her stomach or even her heart. But Nancy knows she's still forgetting something. It's only when Nancy stops thinking altogether that she finally remembers the very important thing she's forgotten.
‘Nancy Knows’ is the story of an elephant who remembers lots of things, except the very thing she is trying to remember.
Cybèle Young is an internationally renowned artist best known for her intricate paper sculpture. She is currently represented by galleries in New York, Calgary and Vancouver.
Story Code : 286784
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