IBNA- The Persian translation of the book 'Education with Character' by English scholar ‎James Arthur will be reviewed at a meeting in the Book Hall of Iran's Book House ‎Institute on Monday.‎
According to IBNA correspondent, the book which has been translated into Persian by Aria Matin and Iman Bahirayi and released by the Research Center of Cultural and Social Studies will be reviewed by experts Gholam-Reza Zaker Salehi and Seyyed Mahmoud Nejati Hosseini.   
The establishment of citizenship education as a compulsory subject has recently been accompanied by the government's policy of 'promoting education with character.' Schools are identified as having a crucial role to play in helping to shape and reinforce basic character traits that will ultimately lead to a better society. This radical new policy is explicitly linked to raising academic standards and to the needs of the emerging new economy.
'Education with Character' provides an introduction to character education within the British context by exploring its meanings, understandings, and rationale, through the perspective of a number of academic disciplines.
The author examines character education from a philosophical, religious, psychological, political, social and economic perspective to offer a more detailed understanding of character education and what it can offer. He also considers how British schools can implement character education successfully and what lessons we can draw from the American experience.
The review event which has been organized in cooperation with Tehran's Books City Institute is scheduled for 4 to 6 p.m.
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