IBNA- The futuristic book, ‘The Next 200 Years: a Scenario for America and the World’ ‎‎(1976) by Herman Kahn, William Morle Brown and Léon Martel has been translated ‎into Persian and released. ‎
‎‘The Next 200 Years’ released in Persian
According to IBNA correspondent, the influential book which makes proposals to maintain the hegemony of the United States has been translated into Persian and released by Iran’s Academy of National Defense and Strategic Researches in Tehran.
‘The Next 200 Years’ is an optimistic report on the future of the U.S. and its techno-economic leadership to world prosperity was timed to coincide with the American bicentennial.
The report uses statistical studies and logic to argue that intensive development of technology in a post-industrial format and rational planning rather than reduced rates of economic growth and consumption are the best ways to support a growing world population.
Among the predictions of the book are: multiple applications of lasers; Extreme high-strength structural materials; New or improved superperformance fabrics; New or improved materials for equipment and appliances; New airborne vehicles (ground-effect vehicles, giant or supersonic jets, VTOL, STOL); and so on.
Herman Kahn is one of the preeminent futurists of the latter part of the twentieth century. He originally came to prominence as a military strategist and systems theorist. He became known for analyzing the likely consequences of nuclear war and recommending ways to improve survivability
‘The Next 200 Years: a Scenario for America and the World’ in Persian has been published in 280 pages and 1000 copies.  
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