IBNA- At a meeting in the House of Literati affiliated to Iran’s Book House Institute in ‎Tehran, the book ‘An Introduction to Applied Cognitive Psychology’ by David Groome ‎and Michael Eysenck will be reviwed on Monday. ‎
‎‘An Introduction to Applied Cognitive Psychology’ to be reviewed ‎
According to IBNA correspondent, the book which has been translated into Persian by Hossein Zare’ and Morteza Nazari will be reviewed with Zare’ and two Iranian experts Ali-Reza Pirkhaefi and Mahdi Davaei in attendance.  
‘An Introduction to Applied Cognitive Psychology’ offers an accessible review of recent research in the application of cognitive methods, theories, and models. Using real-world scenarios and engaging everyday examples this book offers clear explanations of how the findings of cognitive psychologists have been put to use.
The book explores all of the major areas of cognitive psychology, including attention, perception, memory, thinking and decision making, as well as some of the factors that affect cognitive processes, such as drugs and biological cycles.
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