IBNA- The Sci-fi novel, 'All Rights Reserved' by American writer Gregory Scott Katsoulis ‎which offers a satirical view on capitalism and discriminations in a society has been ‎published in Persian. ‎
‎‘All Rights Reserved
According to IBNA correspondent, has been translated into Persian by Milad Babanejad and Elahe Moradi and released by Paidayesh Publishing.  
Synopsis of ‘All Rights Reserved' reads: “In a world where every word is copyrighted, one girl would rather remain silent than pay to speak Speth has been raised to know the consequences of falling into debt, and can't begin to imagine the pain of having her eyes shocked for speaking words that she's unable to afford.
But when Speth's friend Beecher commits suicide rather than work off his family's crippling debt, she can't express her shock and dismay. Backed into a corner, Speth finds a loophole: she closes her mouth and vows never to speak again in protest at the unjust rules of the land.
Speth's unexpected defiance of tradition sparks a media frenzy, inspiring others to follow in her footsteps, and threatens to destroy her, her family and the entire city around them.
‘All Rights Reserved' in Persian has been published in 520 pages and 1000 copies.
Story Code : 285870
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