IBNA- The program "Night of Nima Yushij" which will review the life and career of the ‎father of modern Iranian poetry will be held by Bukhara Magazine in Tehran on ‎Thursday.‎
‎"Night of Nima Yushij" to be held‎
According to IBNA correspondent, the event will be hosted by Tehran's Book Garden on Thursday as Several Iranian experts including Aydeen Aqdashloo, Golam-Reza Emami and Ali Dehbashi will make speech about the leading Iranian poet.
Moreover, the son of Nima Yushij (1897 –1960), Shergim will send a video message to the event and a documentary film about Nima will be screened at the program.   
Nima is well-known in Iran for his style of poetry which he popularized, called "new poetry" (she'r-e no), also known as "Nima poetry" in his honor after his death. He was very influential in modern Iranian poetry as it’s evident in the books of later Iranian poems who composed works based on this style.
He felt the old ways limit his freedom to express his deep feelings or important issues faced by society. This led him to break free and create a whole new style for modern poetry.
The program "Night of Nima Yushij" has been scheduled for Thursday, January 9 at 5 p.m.
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