IBNA- ‘Memoirs of a Vagrant Soul or the Pitted Face’ by leading Lebanese poet and ‎novelist Mikhail Naimy who is famed for spiritual and mystical works has been ‎translated into Persian and published.‎
Naimy’s ‘Memoirs of a Vagrant Soul’ rendered into Persian
According to IBNA correspondent, the novel which is a work rooted in the ground breaking Mahjari School of literature has been translated into Persian by Saleh Buezar and released by Hekmat Kalameh Publishing.    
‘Memoirs of a Vagrant Soul or the Pitted Face’ memoirs are an account of his life of silence and meditation. Being mentally detached from society, he examines the meaning of human existence and his place as an “obscure, insignificant, and uncomely man.
Employing monologues, the narrator of the work describes his view on existence and human and reveals the philosophy and religious beliefs of its author. 
Naimy was also a philosopher, famous for his spiritual writings, notably ‘The Book of Mirdad’. He is widely recognized as one of the most important figures in modern Arabic literature and one of the most important spiritual writers of the 20th century.
Among his contributions to Arabic literature is that in 1920, he re-formed the New York Pen League, along with its original founders Nasib Arida and Abd al-Masih Haddad, and other Mahjari literary figures such as Kahlil Gibran.
‘Memoirs of a Vagrant Soul or the Pitted Face’ in Persian has been published 160 pages and 500 copies.
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