IBNA- The first edition of ‘Great Atlas of Iran & the World' features Persian Gulf name ‎not the other fake names of this gulf in 21 languages.‎
Atlas features Persian Gulf name in 21 languages
According to IBNA correspondent, a key reference, the book which also features the maps from all countries across the world has been published by the Iranian Sahab Geographic and Drafting Institute (Mohammad-Reza Sahab and Amir-Abbas Sahab) in cooperation with Huber Cartography Institute in Germany. ‎
‎Describing the work Mohammad-Reza Sahab said that ‘Great Atlas of Iran & the World'‎ which has been compiled by German and Iranian experts and published in Germany has 16 pages on Iran.
"The book also provides the information in English with maps and bears the correct name of Persian Gulf in French, German, Italian, Dutch and 17 other languages," he said.
The book contains various maps of both general geography as well as economic geography (industries and mines, agriculture and whether, dispersion and density of population which in sum has provided a comprehensive reference book for studying the geography of Iran and the world," Sahab added.
Sahab Geographic and Drafting Institute is the first geographical and cartographical institute in the private sector of Iran and the Middle East. It produces maps, globes, atlases and other educational materials regarding geography.
Enjoying a high quality print, ‘Great Atlas of Iran & the World' has been published in 335 pages.
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