IBNA- The children book ‘Ebb and Flow’ by Canadian author Heather Smith, a suitable ‎work for impatient young readers has been published in Persian. ‎
‎‘Ebb and Flow’, a book for impatient children
According to IBNA correspondent, the book, a winner of the 2019 TD Canadian Children’s Literature Award is centered on unpleasant memories which we all live through has been translated into Persian by Kaivan Abidi Ashtiani and released by Fatemi Publishing under the title ‘The Story of an Absurd Year’.
The synopsis of ‘Ebb and Flow’ reads: “If there’s one thing Jett has learned over the past year, it’s that fresh starts aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. After a “rotten bad year” in a new town, at a new school, Jett returns to the coast to spend the summer with his Grandma Jo, hoping to forget.
But Jett carries a secret with him. As the summer unfolds, he finds himself examining memories of his past like bits of sea glass—arranging and rearranging them in an effort to make sense of his mistakes.”
Told in free verse, this captivating story of betrayal and forgiveness will pull readers in . . . and not easily let them go.
‘Ebb and Flow’ in Persian has been published in 2000 copies.
Story Code : 285671
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