IBNA- Featuring bizarre stories, ‘On Mantuleasa Street’ by Romania author and ‎mythologist Mircea Eliade has been published in Persian and is available to Iranian ‎readership. ‎
Eliade’s ‘On Mantuleasa Street’ reaches Iranian readership
According to IBNA correspondent, the book with the original title ‘Pe strada Mântuleasa’ which has been published in English as ‘The Old Man and the Bureaucrats’ has been translated into Persian by Mohammad-Ali Sowti and released by No Publishing.
‘On Mantuleasa Street’ tells the story of a man who is interrogated by Romania's communist authorities, and puzzles the interrogators when he tells stories of local lore.
The book was published in English in 1979. Together with two other stories by Eliade it forms the basis for the 1996 Romanian film ‘Eu sunt Adam’.
Mircea Eliade was also a historian of religion, philosopher, and professor at the University of Chicago wrote about his aim with the novella: "I wanted to engineer a confrontation between two mythologies: the mythology of folklore, of the people, which is still alive, still welling up in the old man, and the mythology of the modern world, of technocracy.
“These two mythologies meet head on. The police try to discover the hidden meaning of all these stories. ... But they are also blinkered, they can only look for political secrets. They are incapable of imagining that there can be meaning outside the political field," he added.
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