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A Guide to Improved Aircraft Design’ elaborates on high-tech aviation

1 Jan 2020 - 15:37

IBNA- ‘Lessons Learned: A Guide to Improved Aircraft’ by American scientist Leland M. ‎Nicolai which elaborates on high-tech aviation has been translated into Persian and ‎published.‎

According to IBNA correspondent, the book is the result of over 57 years of its author’s scientific experience in implementing plans for designing and producing aircrafts. ‘Lessons Learned: A Guide to Improved Aircraft Design’ (Library of Flight) has been translated into Persian by Mohammad Razzazan and released by Havanavard Publishing.
‘Lessons Learned: A Guide to Improved Aircraft Design’ (Library of Flight) features a lifetime of practical insight into the aspects of aircraft design that cannot be solved via technical means.
The lessons learned have nothing to do with the mechanics of doing conceptual design, rather they address and influence the design team s state of mind and the human principles to be used when dealing with the customer. It is a concise, informative summary of mistakes to avoid, and best practices to pursue, that lead to successful aircraft design programs.
Leland M. Nicolai received his aerospace engineering degrees from the University of Washington (B.S.), the University of Oklahoma (M.S.), and the University of Michigan (Ph.D.).
He is an AIAA Fellow and recipient of the AIAA Aircraft Design Award, the SAE Clarence L. Kelly Johnson Aerospace Vehicle Design and Development Award, The Engineers Council Clarence L. Kelly Johnson Skunk Works Award, and the Lockheed Martin Aero Star Award. He served as a Lockheed Martin Fellow at the Skunk Works and is the author of numerous publications, including Fundamentals of Aircraft and Airship Design, Volumes 1 and 2.
‘Lessons Learned: A Guide to Improved Aircraft Design’ in Persian has been published in 156 pages and 500 pages.   

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