IBNA- The book, ‘Politics Hacks: Shortcuts to 100 ideas’ (2018) by Julian Flanders which ‎is actually targeted for people who avert politics has been translated and published in ‎Persian.‎
‎‘Politics Hacks’ published for politics averted people
According to IBNA correspondent, the work which offers a new way to understand and remember 100 of the most important concepts in the history of political thought has been translated by Touraj Houri into Persian and released by Maziar Publishing.

‘Politics Hacks: Shortcuts to 100 ideas’ suggests that understanding the history and significance of today's political climate can be confusing and daunting. The book tries to give quick definitions and background on 100 key political theories from the last 1,000 years.
Each idea is broken down into three stages:
1/ The helicopter view, which gives you an introduction to the idea, and some context around it.

2/ The shortcut, which gives you the core elements of the theory, along with a range of examples that everyone can understand.

3/ The hack, which is a one-liner designed to stick in your memory and give you an instant grasp of the concept.
Whether you quickly want to get to grips with globalization, understand the Electoral College, or understand post-truth politics, this book is a way to speedy enlightenment.
‘Politics Hacks: Shortcuts to 100 ideas’ in Persian has been published in 240 pages and 1200 copies.
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