IBNA- Yapı Kredi Culture and Arts Publishing ‎in Istanbul who has recently published ‎some works for leading Iranian poetess Forough Farrokhzad will hold a ceremony on the ‎occasion of her 85th birthday celebration on Tuesday.‎
Forough Farrokhzad
According to IBNA correspondent, Yapı Kredi Culture and Arts Publishing which has also released the works of Orhan Pamuk has organized a program on the occasion which feature speech, music and screening of a short film on Forough Farrokhzad.

The translator of Forough's books into Turkish Makbule Aras Eivazi will make a speech about Forough and her works. Moreover, Nazan Kesal who has staged a play on the life of Forough will describe her character from the view of a theater actor.
The other translator of Forough's works into Turkish Farhad Eivazi will make speech on the influence of cinema on Forough's life and the influence of her films on Iranian cinema.
Forrogh's correspondences will be the subject of a speech by Ali Sedidi Heris and Mehtap Maral will perform a song with lyrics based on a poem by Forough.
A 20 minute short documentary film about Forough which will be shown at the program will end the ceremony.  
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