IBNA- The essays collection, ‘Summer’ by the leading French writer Albert Camus has ‎been translated into Persian and is available to his fans.‎
Camus’s ‘Summer’ available to Iranian fans ‎
According to IBNA correspondent, the book has been translated into Persian by Banafsheh Farisabadi and released by Qoqnous Publishing in Tehran.
‘Summer’ is one of the most fragmented and desultory of Camus’s essays. This text appears as a mosaic. Some texts, like “Minotaur or the Halt at Oran” are almost contemporary of the first of Camus’s essays, such as “Nuptials” or “The Right Side and the Wrong Side”; others are written in the 1940s, as “The Almond Trees” (1940), “Prometheus in the Underworld” (1946) or “Helen’s Exile” (1948); and others belong more or less to the period of the publication of Summer, such is the case for “The Enigma” (1950) and “Return to Tipasa” (1953).
What reinforces the impression of a mosaic is the nature of the texts, as some borrow the form of the travel narrative and others that of autobiography.
‘Summer’ in Persian has been published in 118 pages and the 1100 copies.
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