IBNA- ‘Philosophy Hacks’ by Robert Arp and Martin Cohen which offers a shortcut to ‎philosophical theories has been translated into Persian and published.‎
‎‘Philosophy Hacks’ offers a shortcut to philosophical theories
According to IBNA correspondent, the book, with the complete title ‘Philosophy Hacks, 100 Clever Ways to Help You Understand and Remember the Most Important Theories’ has been translated by Shahab al-Din Abbasi and released by Mazyar Publishing.
The book helps the reader to discover the simple way to understand and remember the most groundbreaking concepts in 3,000 years of philosophical thought.
Each idea is broken down into three stages:
1/ The helicopter view, which gives you an introduction to the idea, and some context around it.
2/ The shortcut, which gives you the core elements of the theory, along with a range of examples that everyone can understand.
3/ The hack, which is a one-liner designed to stick in your memory and give you an instant grasp of the concept.
From Pascal's Wager to Kant's categorical imperative, and from Camus's Existential Nihilism to Arendt's Banality of Evil, there are 100 concepts explained.
‘Philosophy Hacks’ introduces a new way to learn about the most important philosophical ideas and concepts in a way that makes them easy to recall even months after reading the book.
Robert Arp (PhD) is the author or editor of more than three dozen books and close to 100 articles in philosophy and other areas of the humanities. He works for the United States Department of Defense as an analyst by day, while teaching philosophy and humanities courses to graduate students and undergraduate students in the evening and online.
Martin Cohen is an author, editor and educationalist who has written many books in philosophy and social science including the bestsellers, 101 Philosophy Problems (Routledge) and Wittgenstein's Beetle (Blackwell), both widely translated, as well as two reference works for the Dummies series.
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