IBNA- Graham Green's thriller novel 'The Honorary Consul' which was translated into ‎Persian by Ahmad Mir-Alaei and published 42 years ago has been reprinted.‎
Persian translation of
According to IBNA correspondent, the translation has been republished by Farhang Nashr-e No publishing in Tehran. The earlier edition was printed by Ketab-e Zaman Publishing. The work is a British thriller novel by Graham Greene, published in 1973. It was one of the author's own favorite works. The title is a reference to the diplomatic position known as an honorary consul.
The synopsis of 'The Honorary Consul' reads: “In a provincial Argentinean town, Charley Fortnum, a British consul with dubious authority and a weakness for drink, is kidnapped by Paraguayan revolutionaries who have mistaken him for the American ambassador.
Dr. Eduardo Plarr, a local physician with his own divided loyalties, serves as the negotiator between the rebels and the authorities. These fumbling characters play out an absurd drama of failure, hope, love, and betrayal against a backdrop of political chaos.
‘The Honorary Consul’ in Persian has been published in 358 pages and 1100 copies.   
Story Code : 284627
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