IBNA- Burlington Public Library have selected the Iranian book for children and young ‎adults ‎‘Good Night, Commander’‎ as one of the 10 anti-war works.‎
Iranian writer
According to IBNA correspondent, ‘Good Night, Commander’ by Ahmad Akbarpour and illustrated by Narges Mohammadi has been labeled by Burlington Public Library as a “peaceful” and “Brave” book for children and young adults.     
The Commander, a boy has lost his mother and one of his legs in the Iran-Iraq war. Now he spends most of his time alone in his room where he recreates the conflict with an imaginary enemy and soldiers, trying to avenge his losses.
His father urges him to take off his artificial leg when he is at home, to join his uncles and aunties who have arrived for dinner. But when he does, he finds out that they are all about to go off to meet his "new mother."
Back in his room the imaginary war continues, and he confronts an enemy soldier who is also missing a limb. A battle seems inevitable until The Commander offers the enemy his artificial leg.
The book was a winner at the special section of fiction for children and youth with special health care needs ‎and an illustration award at 2015 Bologna Book Fair. It has also been translated into Chinese, Korean, Turkish and English.
Story Code : 284606
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