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Alain de Botton's 'Status Anxiety' highlights a modern social problem ‎

8 Dec 2019 - 14:41

IBNA- The self-help book, 'Status Anxiety' (2004) by Swiss-born British philosopher and ‎author Alain de Botton which focuses on a modern social problem has been translated ‎into Persian and published.‎

According to IBNA correspondent, 'Status Anxiety' has been translated by Shaqayeq Nazarzadeh and released by Farmehr Publishing discusses a mental burden which may destroy a major part of a person’s life in the societies of the 21st century.

Status Anxiety is a contemporary phenomenon which is a result of capitalism, democracy, and an ostensibly egalitarian society, and is prevalent in countries where an inequality in income is evident.
Status Anxiety can be defined as the constant tension or fear of being perceived as "unsuccessful" by the society in materialistic terms. It was coined by the Swiss-born British philosopher and author Alain de Botton in his book "Status Anxiety".
Today, every individual constantly tries to outsmart the others to climb up the social ladder. The effects of status anxiety can be impulse buying, status consumption etc. Meritocracy is a primary cause of status anxiety. Meritocracy is a society that believes that only the talented and the meritorious will end up at the top of the social ladder. Snobbery, envy, lovelessness are some other causes of status anxiety.
De Botton first noticed this phenomenon among the wealthy families of America. The Americans had a lavish lifestyle and most of it was just to make the "neighbours" envious. America had also witnessed the trend of "Famous for being famous".
Botton even met the American motivational speaker Les Brown to know how motivational speaking works. He concluded that motivational speakers conducted their speeches to induce status anxiety among individuals. Motivational speaking is based on the fact that "No one is living up to their true potential and everyone has scope for improvement. De Botton challenged this and asked "What about those who want to achieve but lack the opportunities to do so?"

'Status Anxiety' incursion has been published in 248 pages and 550 copies.

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