IBNA- The book ‘D.H. Lawrence (Writers and Their Work)’ by British author Alastair ‎Niven has been translated into Persian and published.‎
Book on D.H. Lawrence available in Persian
According to IBNA correspondent, the book has been rendered by veteran Iranian translator Khashayar Daihimi is from A Writers and Their Work Special Series first published by Scribner in 1980.
The book is from the Persian series, Nasl Ghalam which was launched by Daihimi and his friends and colleagues 25 years ago.  ‘D.H. Lawrence’ is not simply a biographical work on the prominent British writer but also provides descriptions, interpretations and criticisms on the works and ideas of Lawrence.    
David Herbert Lawrence led a generation of writers and readers to break away from Victorian social, sexual, and cultural norms—provides crucial insight into the social and cultural history of Anglo-American Modernism.
He was ultimately a religious writer who did not so much reject Christianity as try to create a new religious and moral basis for modern life by continual resurrections and transformations of the self. These changes are never limited to the social self, nor are they ever fully under the eye of consciousness.
Lawrence called for a new openness to what he called the “dark gods” of nature, feeling, instinct, and sexuality; a renewed contact with these forces was, for him, the beginning of wisdom.
‘D.H. Lawrence’ in Persian has been released by Nashr-e No Publishing in 161 pages and 770 copies.
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