IBNA- Iran's National Library and Archives will held the program “Night of Mowlana ‎Rumi Ideas” which will feature speeches by Iranian scholars and music performance. ‎
‎“Night of Mowlana Rumi Ideas” due in Tehran
According to IBNA correspondent, Bukhara Magazine in cooperation with Soroush Mowlana Institute and Iran's National Library will hold the program in which Mostafa Malekian will give a speech titled "Mowlana's Notion of God" and the other Iranian expert Amir Akrami will deliver a speech on "Blesphemy and Faith from the View of Mowlana".
Another Part of the program which will kick off on 5 p.m. features a music performance by Abdollah Abdi who will sing lyrics fro Masnavi-e Manavi accompanied by Tanbour, an Iranian traditional instrument.   
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