IBNA- Aiming at providing a reference for German journalists and analysts the online ‎platform Media Services for Integration has released a book ‘Islam and Muslims’.‎
Digital book ‘Islam and Muslims’ released in Germany
According to IBNA correspondent, the book which has been compiled by experts in 228 pages features statistics, facts and key information about the Islamic world.
In recent years, many questions have been raised about the global religion of Islam, Muslims, Islamism and Islam phobia in Germany. ‘Islam and Muslims’ attempts to answer these questions.
Media Services for Integration provides information about immigrants, refugees and the issue of integration to be published in media. It has tried to collect significant data about the Muslims of the world and Europe.
The principles of the religion, history of Islam, the emergence of mosques, ban on wearing scarf and Borqa’, Islamic extremist groups, the list of Islamic associations and organization, the predictions of experts about the future condition of Muslims in Germany and Europe are among the chapters of this book.
For reading the bok ‘Islam and Muslims’ visit:
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