IBNA- The book ‘Investigations into the Educational Problems of Iran’ (1965) by noted ‎Iranian writer of children books, the late Samad Behrangi will be reviewed at a meeting ‎in Tehran on Wednesday. ‎
Samad Behrangi’s book on Iranian educational problems to be reviewed ‎
According to IBNA correspondent, the event is held Iran’s Center of Humanities and Cultural Studies in Tehran on the occasion of the 54th anniversary of the publication of ‘Investigations into the Educational Problems of Iran’.
The event will be attended by experts Mostafa Mehraein, Rahim Mohammadi, Mohammad-Hossein Badamchi, Abbas Naeimi, Flora Asgarizadeh, Mohammad-Reza Zommorrodi, Hossein Hojjatpanah and Javad Miri.
Samad Behrangi was an Iranian teacher, social critic, folklorist, translator, and short story writer. He is ‎famous for his children's books, particularly ‘The Little Black Fish’.‎ His books typically portrayed the lives of the children of the urban poor and encouraged the individual to change his/ her circumstances by her own initiatives.
Apart from children's stories, he wrote many pedagogical essays and collected and published several samples of oral Azerbaijani literature. Behrangi also has a few Azeri translations from Persian poems by the great Iranian poets including Ahmad Shamlou, Forough Farrokhzad, and Mehdi Akhavan-Sales.
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