IBNA- The key medical book ‘Respiratory Physiology: The Essentials’ by Australian ‎scientist John B. West which describes the amazing structure of what seems to be a ‎simple breathing has been translated into Persian and published.‎
‎‘Respiratory Physiology’ describes the amazing structure of breathing
According to IBNA correspondent, the work of the noted respiratory physiologist John B. West has been translated into Persian as a teamwork by Dr. Yaser Azzizi, Donya Nazari-Nia, Narges Ma’refati and Fatemeh Jahanshahi and released by Chehr publishing in 183 pages.
Present-day respiratory physiology stems largely from the explosion of ideas which took place during and after World War II. A number of the major players are still active, but the opportunity to prepare a personal history of this branch of medicine will soon be lost. In a sense then, ‘Respiratory Physiology: The Essentials’ offers an exceptional, even unique, opportunity.

We are offered a first-hand chronicle of the advancements made in respiratory physiology in the course of this century by one of the principal figures in the field. The volume covers every aspect of the evolution of this important area of knowledge: morphology, gas exchange and blood flow, mechanics, control of ventilation, and comparative physiology.

Some of the chapters are personal accounts of the development of respiratory physiology as observed by the author. It is hoped that what is lost in objectivity by this approach is more than made up by the captivating insights provided by the author into the process of scientific research and discovery.
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