IBNA- The book ‘Starting with Hobbes’ (2009) by George MacDonald Ross which ‎provides a concise description of the ideas of eminent British thinker has been translated ‎into Persian and released.‎
‎‘Starting with Hobbes’ introduces British thinker’s general ideas ‎
According to IBNA correspondent, the work is an introduction to Thomas Hobbes, which prompts the audience to read the scholar’s original works, has been translated into Persian by Masoud Azarfam and released by Qoqnous Publishing.
This book offers a new introduction to Hobbes, guiding the student through the key concepts of his work by examining the overall development of his ideas. Hobbes was one of the most important and influential philosophers of the seventeenth century. Covering all the key concepts of his work, ‘Starting with Hobbes’ provides an accessible introduction to the ideas of this hugely significant thinker.
Thematically structured, this book leads the reader through the full range of Hobbes' ideas and, uniquely, not just his political philosophy. In his day, he was internationally as famous for his theories about knowledge, language, the material nature of reality, mathematics, psychology, and religion, as he was for his politics; and these aspects of his work are fully covered.
The book places Hobbes firmly in his historical context, with discussions of his relations to contemporary thinkers such as Galileo and Descartes and of his influence on later thinkers such as Spinoza and Leibniz.
Continuum's Starting with"...series offers concise and accessible introductions to the key thinkers in philosophy. The books explore and illuminate the roots of each philosopher's work and ideas, leading readers to a thorough understanding of the key influences and philosophical foundations from which his or her thought developed. Ideal for first-year students starting out in philosophy, the series will serve as the ideal companion to study of this fascinating subject.
‘Starting with Hobbes’ in Persian has been published in 254 pages and 1100 copies.
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