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Seventh print of ‘Franz Kafka, Collected Stories’ in Persian released

22 Sep 2019 - 14:09

IBNA- A collection of short stories, novels and other writings by leading Czech writer ‎Franz Kafka titled ‘Franz Kafka, Collected Stories’ which was translated into Persian by ‎Amir Jalal al-Din A'alam were printed for the seventh time.‎
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According to IBNA correspondent, the collection features all Kafka’s works including 21 novellas and 55 short stories. From Key works such as 'The Metamorphosis', 'In the Penal Colony', 'A Hunger Artist' to pieces of writings which were compiled after Kafka's death by his close author friend Max Brod.
All of Kafka's published works, except some letters were written in German. What little was published during his lifetime attracted scant public attention. He finished none of his full-length novels and burned around 90 percent of his work.
These works have been welcomed by Iranian readership. As they have influenced a vast range of writers, critics, artists, and philosophers during the 20th and 21st centuries.
The first edition of ‘Franz Kafka, Collected Stories’ translated into Persian by the late Amir Jalal al-Din A'alam (1941-2017) was published in 1999 in 547 pages.   

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