‎'The Saint' (Der Heilige, 1879), by Swiss poet and historical novelist Conrad Ferdinand ‎Meyer about the uncompromising Catholic saint Thomas Becket has been translated into ‎Persian and published.‎
Conrad Meyer
According to IBNA correspondent, translated into Persian by Mahmoud Haddadi, 'The Saint' is centered on the great quarrel between Henry II and his Chancellor and Primate of England, Thomas Becket.
Although in a broad sense based on history, its psychology is fancifully developed from a medieval legend found by Meyer in 1853 in 'History of the Conquest of England by the Normans, Book IX' (1825) according to which Becket was the son of an Englishman and of the sister of the Kalif of Cordova.
The story of Henry's amours with beautiful Rosamond Clifford in the hidden bower suggested the secret palace in which Meyer's Becket rears his daughter Grace to save her from royal lechery. The accidental slaying of Grace after her seduction by the king inspires in Becket a deep-laid plot for revenge under the veil of pretended loyalty and later of saintly devotion when he becomes Primate on Henry's nomination, whereby he drives the king to alternate fits of despair and fury over the loss of political advantages and of the love of his queen and sons. The tragic ending is historical.
Conrad Ferdinand Meyer (1825 – 1898) was a a master of realism chiefly remembered for stirring narrative ballads like "The Feet in the Fire" (Die Füße im Feuer).
'The Saint' in Persian has been released by Niloufar Publishing in 183 pages.
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