The second issue of ‘Publishing in Iran Magazine’, a quarterly in English on Iranian book ‎‎market, publishing industry and Iranian authors released.‎
‎‘Publishing in Iran Magazine’, Vol. 02 released
According to IBNA correspondent, this issue has been published on the occasion of 2019 Frankfurt Book Fair and will be distributed for free among the publishers, literary agencies and other activists of publishing industry in PDF format and in print if the magazine is backed by Iran's Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.
Topics of this issue are:

A Look at [Iranian] Sacred Defense Books in the Book Market of Iran
Iranian Children’s Books released in England
Overwhelming Effects of the War on Iranian
Contemporary Literature and Poetry 18
Bestselling Works of Iranian Fiction in the Last Decade
Status of Book Publishing in Iran, in Brief
Nava Ebrahimi (German-Iranian Author) Discusses her First Novel
Can Literary Translation Bridge the Iranian-Arab Divide?
‘The Dream of Tibet’, By Fariba Vafi
The Necessity of Protecting the Persian Language from the Perspective of Diplomatic Relations
A Glance at the Academic Book Publishing Environment in Iran
Evolution in the fiction literature of children and young adults after the Islamic Revolution
The full PDF version of the magazine, Vol. 02 is available here
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