IBNA- The Persian translation of ‘The Romantic Imperative: The Concept of Early ‎German Romanticism’ by Frederick C. Beiser will be reviewed at a meeting in Tehran on ‎Tuesday. ‎
Persian translation of book on German Romanticism to be reviewed ‎
According to IBNA correspondent, the event is from the series of weekly meetings of Tehran Book City which will discuss ‘The Romantic Imperative: The Concept of Early German Romanticism’ which has been translated into Persian by Masoud Azarfam.
The meeting will be attended by the translator of the book as well as experts Maysam Sefid-Khosh, and Mas’oud Hosseini.
‎‘The Romantic Imperative: The Concept of Early German Romanticism’‎ reads: “The Early Romantics met resistance from artists and academics alike in part because they defied the conventional wisdom that philosophy and the arts must be kept separate.
Indeed, as the literary component of Romanticism has been studied and celebrated in recent years, its philosophical aspect has receded from view. This book, by one of the most respected scholars of the Romantic era, offers an explanation of Romanticism that not only restores but enhances understanding of the movement's origins, development, aims, and accomplishments-and of its continuing relevance.”
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