IBNA- A collection of notes titled 'The Travelogue of Persian Speaking Turks' will be ‎published in 'Tajik Song' newspaper of Uzbekistan.‎
Travelogue of Persian speaking Turks to be published in Uzbekistan
According to IBNA correspondent, quoting from the public relations department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization, the collection features notes written by foreign students and instructors of Persian language who earlier participated in the Persian language improving knowledge course held during this summer by Allameh Tabatabaei University in Tehran.  
'Embarking on a Journey, Seeing the World', 'Milad Tower, the Attraction of Tehran City', 'Hearing Is Never like Seeing', 'Persian language, the Language of Poetry and Ghazal', ‘Isfahan, Half of the World' are the titles of some of the notes gathered in this collection.
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