IBNA- Claire Jubert, the French author living in Iran will lead a creative acts workshop ‎based on her translation of ‘The Conquerors’ by David McKee in Tehran on Friday, ‎August 30.‎
Creative acts workshop based on David McKee’s ‘The Conquerors’ due
According to IBNA correspondent, the program which has been organized by Ghoncheh Publishing in Tehran, will be attended by children and will feature creative plays by children as ‘The Conquerors’ by British writer and illustrator of children’s books David McKee will be the guiding text.

The synopsis of The Conquerors’ reads: “The ruling general of a dominant country conquered all his neighbors in order to rule as much as possible. This plan worked, until there was only one small jovial country left.

When the soldiers went there to subjugate it, they were persuaded out of their uniforms, into the taverns, and onto the dance floors. However many times soldiers were sent home and replaced by new recruits, each one was suborned; and the returning military took back with them the traditions and music of the conquered nation. Just who has conquered whom?”

The program is scheduled for Friday at 5 to 7 p.m. in Tehran’s Book Garden.
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