IBNA- The book ‘An Essay on the Sublime’ by the British scholar of the 18th century John ‎Baillie on the notion of sublime in art and aesthetics has been translated into Persian ‎and released. ‎
Book on the sublime in art and aesthetics published
According to IBNA correspondent, the book which has been translated with interpretations by Nima Ghobadi as his MA dissertation is released by Art University Press in Tehran.
Part of ‘An Essay on the Sublime’ reads: “Every person upon seeing a grand object is affected with something which as it were extends his very being, and expands it to a kind of immensity. Thus in viewing the heavens, how is the soul elevated; and stretching itself to larger scenes and more extended prospects, in a noble enthusiasm of grandeur quits the narrow earth, darts from planet to planet, and takes in worlds at one view!
Hence comes the name of sublime to everything which thus raises the mind to fits of greatness, and disposes it to soar above her mother earth; hence arises that exultation and pride which the mind ever feels from the consciousness of its own vastness -that object can only be justly called the sublime, which in some degree disposes the mind to this enlargement of itself, and gives her a lofty conception of her own powers."
‘An Essay on the Sublime’ in Persian has been published in 111 pages and 250 copies.   
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