IBNA- The grotesque French novella ‘The Americanized People’ (Les Américanoïaques) ‎by Serge (Cyrus) Rezvani, an Iranian born French writer and artists has been published ‎in Persian.‎
‎‘The Americanized People’ by French-Iranian author reviewed ‎
According to IBNA correspondent, the book which has been translated into Persian by Reza Seyyed Hosseini and released by Nahid publishing in Tehran reveals the concern of its author for the oppressed people of the world.
Serge Rezvani, was born Cyrus Rezvani on March 23, 1928 in Tehran, the son of an Iranian playwright father and a Russian mother. He was only one when was taken to Paris by his father whose work was praised by prominent playwrights like Fernando Arabal.

Rezvani is also a painter, engraver, playwright, as well as a singer-songwriter. He has written over 40 novels, 15 plays and two collections of poetry.

He is the composer of more than 150 songs, including a famous one performed by Jeanne Moreau in the movie ‘Jules and Jim’ an acclaimed film by François Truffaut. His pseudonym of Cyrus Bassiak means "Barefoot" in Russian).
A couple of French tramps have fun knocking out and poisoning American sailors who stop at Cannes ... A huge buffoonery. They are sluggish and truculent. They are similar to the characters of Samuel Beckett in 'Waiting for Godot' who live among garbage, have nothing to lose and embrace each other out of loneliness.
However these tramps have principles and are radical. They believed that by killing evil people they struggle against evil. They are suffering from the disease of being Americanized.

‘The Americanized People’ in Persian has been published in 550 copies.
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