IBNA- ‘The Islamic State Organization’, a book by Arab authors Hassan Abu Hanieh , ‎Mohammad Abu Rumman which delves into a Middle Eastern crisis fomented by ‎jihadists groups has been translated into Persian and published.‎
Book on ISIS delves into a Middle Eastern crisis
According to IBNA correspondent, ‘The Islamic State Organization: The Sunni Crisis and the Struggle of Global Jihadism’ has been authored by employing various research methods to present a comprehensive picture of ISIS formation and its practices in the region.
In the introduction of the book, Anja Wehler-Schoeck Resident Director, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Jordan and Iraq writes: “With the publication of this book, the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) wishes to contribute to an educated discussion of the new developments in global Jihadism.

The authors, Dr. Mohammad Abu Rumman and Hassan Abu Hanieh go back to the sources of al-Qaeda and IS and analyze the differences of both terror organizations with regard to ideology and strategy as well as to organizational structure and leadership.
They explain the genesis of the rift between the two organizations, which has evolved from mere ideological differences to a full-fledged military conflict. Against the backdrop of the political developments in Syria and Iraq in the past few years, the authors show how IS (ISIS) was able to rapidly gain strength.
With the gradual rise of what became known as the ‘Islamic State’ Organization or IS, the year 2013 marked a turning point in global Jihadism. IS introduced previously unknown forms of recruiting, propaganda and operating.

In 2014, the terror organization managed to overtake al-Qaeda as the dominant player of global Jihad. IS has been recruiting on a much larger scale than al-Qaeda and across a far broader range, including converts to Islam from many Western countries.”

Chapters of the book are:

The ‘Islamic State’ Organization: Its Roots, Path, and Transformations; Al-Nusra Front: Its Founding, Rise, and Crisis; The Road to Announcing the “Caliphate”; The Schism of Al-Qaeda: Disputes and Implications of Discord; The Struggle over the Ideology of Jihadi Salafism; The Evolution of the Islamic State’s Structure; and The Day After: The War against the ‘Islamic State’.

‘The Islamic State Organization: The Sunni Crisis and the Struggle of Global Jihadism’ has been translated into Persian by Hassan Bashir and Mohammad-Hossein Mir-Fakhraei and published by Imam Sadiq University Press in 292 pages and 1000 copies.
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