IBNA- Persian translation of the first volume of the key book ‘A New History of Western ‎Philosophy’ by Anthony Kenny will be unveiled at a ceremony titled “Night of Western ‎Philosophy” to be held on Wednesday. ‎
‘A New History of Western Philosophy’ in four volumes has been translated into Persian by Reza Ya’ghoubi and released by Parseh Publishing in Tehran. The ceremony will be held by Bukhara magazine in Tehran with the translator of the book and Iranian scholars Karim Mojtahedi and Ensha Allah Rahmati as well as the Chief Editor of Bukhara magazine Ali Dehbashi in attendance.
The first volume of the series is centered on philosophy in the ancient times. In the series, which its original version was published by Oxford University press in 2004, Sir Anthony John Patrick Kenny tells the story of philosophy chronologically, his lively narrative bringing the great philosophers to life and filling in the historical and intellectual background to their work.
He also looks closely at each of the main areas of philosophical exploration: knowledge and understanding; science; metaphysics; mind and soul; the nature and content of morality; political philosophy; and God.
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