IBNA- Issues number 49 and 50 of 'Iran Nameh' quarterly, an oriental studies journal ‎has been published as a single volume in Kazakhstan by Iran's cultural attaché to that ‎country.‎
According to IBNA correspondent, the new issues of 'Iran Nameh' quarterly cover various subjects including "The Ideas of Omar Khayyam and the Theory of Dinani", History of Mysticism in Transoxiana", Safavids and Georgian's in 17th century A.D. and Struggle for Independence", "The Role of Sadr Family in Managing Political and Religious Affairs of Transoxiana", "The Key Sources of Masnavi-e Ma'navi by Mowlana Rumi" and so on.
The quarterly is published which is supported by Iran's Cultural Attaché to Kazakhstan and Safar Abdollah. It has many readers in Central Asia and Caucuses and is a valuable source for those who are interested in studying Persian culture and civilization.
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