IBNA- The first issue of ‘Publishing in Iran Magazine’, a quarterly on Iranian book ‎market and printing industry released as a full colored English journal. ‎
‎‎First issue of ‘Publishing in Iran Magazine’ released
According to IBNA correspondent, the electronic version of the magazine produced by Pol Literary Agency has been sent to 1284 foreign publishers and literary agencies across the world.  
The quarterly focuses on introducing Iranian writers, their works as well as providing reports on Iranian book market and publishing industry for the foreign audience.

Pol Literary Agency plans to distribute the printed version of the magazine at international book fairs.
The contents of ‘Publishing in Iran Magazine’, Vol.01/Summer 2019 include:
Children's literature in Iran
From tradition to modernism
Publishing Persian Books in the United States
Translated books in Iranian market
Printing Industry in Iran
New Chapter in Iran’s Publishing Industry
Book sales in Iranian Market
A Thousand Years of the Persian Book
Modern and Contemporary Literature
History of Book publishing in Iran after the Islamic Revolution
The Copyright Law of Iran
An Overview of Recent Developments

Cultural and translation exchanges between Iran and the West
‘Publishing in Iran Magazine’ is available here.  
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