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Website delivers Kiarostami’s view on poetry’s status ‎

3 Jul 2019 - 17:55

IBNA- The Persian website of the late Iranian filmmaker Abbas kiarostami has uploaded ‎the video of his lecture in Basel, Switzerland in 2010 as he opines about the status of ‎poetry in Iran and the world.‎

According to IBNA correspondent, in this video which has been welcomed by the visitors of the website, Kiarostami suggests that pain and poetry are associated with each other.
“I sent my last book of poetry to a French publisher who said we will publish it in 500 copies but we can't pay you. I agreed since I knew that the poetry readership in Europe is less than Iran,” he said.
“However the same book is being published in Iran in 5500 copies, therefore, I believe Iran is a country where poetry is both created extensively and is read extensively,” Kiarostami added.
“I suppose there's a point here which is relevant to the fact that pain and poetry are deeply correlated in a way. In Europe perhaps you don't need to read poetry and enter into a dialogue with someone about your most profound pains; which means a dialogue with the poet and a dialogue with yourself,” the late filmmaker stated.

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