IBNA- ‘Cross without Love’ (1947) the first novel by the leading German writer Heinrich ‎Böll on the evils of Nazism has been translated into Persian and published.‎
Heinrich Böll’s first novel reaches Iranian bookstores
According to IBNA correspondent, this novel of Böll which was just released posthumously in 2002 has been translated from German to Persian by Sarang Malakouti and released by Negah Publishing in Tehran.

The title of the work refers to the swastika in the flag of the National Socialist Party which rose to power during the 1930s Germany.
The book is centered on the story of the Catholic family Bachem in the years leading to the World War II as the two sons of the family take separate ways in the turbulent circumstances of that time on the context of a romance.

The younger brother Hans becomes a SS henchman sent to the eastern front and Christoph is sent to the west. However, the love of the couple Christoph and Cornelia survives the misery of the war years.
‘Cross without Love’ in Persian has been published in 371 pages.
Story Code : 276344
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