IBNA- Two books by Maureen Fergus, Canadian writer of books for children titled ‘The ‎Day My Mom Came to Kindergarten’ and ‘The Day Dad Joined My Soccer Team’ have ‎been translated into Persian and published. ‎
Maureen Fergus’ books for children available in Persian
According to IBNA correspondent, with illustrations by Mike Lowery, the books have been translated into Persian by Nina Farahani and released by Che Publishing in Tehran.

In these two books, Maureen Fergus, an award-winning author of books for kids of all ages tells the satirical stories of roles reversals in family, and the patience of the children who have been disappointed with teaching their parents.

The synopsis of ‘The Day My Mom Came to Kindergarten’ reads: “I liked kindergarten from the very 1st day begins the narrator of this very funny and touching picture book. However, she notices my mom was happy for me, of course, but I got the feeling that she was also a little sad? to leave her.

So one day the little girl invites her mom to join the kindergarten class for the day, which turns out to be a real learning experience- for both of them. Somehow her mom just can't get any of the rules right: she barges to the front of the line, she shouts out without raising her hand, she slams down her scissors during Craft Time.

How embarrassing! In a wonderful role reversal that will delight young children, the girl must become the patient and sometimes frustrated expert who instructs her mom on how to behave.”
In ‘The Day Dad Joined My Soccer Team’, a soccer dad misunderstands when he hears that his son's team needs his help. Instead of taking care of halftime snacks, the dad grabs a jersey and runs onto the field to play! And what an embarrassment he is: he hogs the ball, complains about his teammates and throws a hairy fit when the referee doesn't call a play his way! Can the boy find a way to teach his dad how to be a good sport before he drives the whole team crazy?

Both books in Persian have been released in 1000 copies.
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