IBNA- The first from the series of programs on arts and culture held by Bukhara ‎Magazine in the New Iranian Year will be “Night of Arabian Novel” scheduled for ‎Monday.‎
‎“Night of Arabian Novel” to be held in Tehran
According to IBNA correspondent coating from the Persian website of Bukhara Magazine, the program will be attended by Iranian experts who will make speeches on the roots and the development process of the Arabian novel.

Some critics believe that ‘Zaynab’ (1913) by Muhammad Husayn Haykal is a forerunner of the Arabian novel. Earlier, in the 19th century, individual authors in Syria, Lebanon and Egypt created original works by imitating classical narrative genres.

Among them were Ahmad Faris Shidyaq with ‘Leg upon Leg’ (1855), Khalil Khoury with ‘Yes... so I am not a Frank’ (1859), Francis Marrash with ‘The Forest of Truth’ (1865), Salim al-Bustani with ‘At a Loss in the Levantine Gardens’ (1870), and Muhammad al-Muwaylihi with ‘Isa ibn Hisham's Tale’ (1907).

A common theme in the modern Arabic novel is the study of family life with obvious resonances of the wider family of the Arabic world. Many of the novels have been unable to avoid the politics and conflicts of the region with war often acting as background to intimate family dramas. The works of Naguib Mahfuz depict life in Cairo, and his Cairo Trilogy, describing the struggles of a modern Cairene family across three generations, won him a Nobel prize for literature in 1988. He was the first Arabic writer to win the prize.

In the program “Night of Arabian Novel” two books ‘An Introduction to Arabic Literature’ by Roger Allen and ‘Arabian Novel: an Analytic-Critical Introduction’ by Hamdi Sokout translated into Persian respectively by Mohammad Javaher Kalam and Azim Tahmasbi will be introduced by them.
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