IBNA- The book, ‘Philosophy: The Essential Study Guide by contemporary British ‎Philosopher Nigel Warburton has been translated into Persian and released. ‎
Nigel Warburton’s philosophy book rendered into Persian
According to IBNA correspondent, Nigel Warburton is best known as a populariser of philosophy, having written a number of books in the genre, but he has also written academic works in aesthetics and applied ethics.

The book is introduced as: “‘Philosophy: The Essential Study Guide’” is a compact and straightforward guide to the skills needed to study philosophy, aimed at anyone coming to the subject for the first time or just looking to improve their performance.

Nigel Warburton clarifies what is expected of students and offers strategies and guidance to help them make effective use of their study time and improve their marks.

The four main skills covered by the book are:
Reading philosophy - both skimming and in-depth analysis of historical and contemporary work, understanding the examples and terminology used

Listening to philosophy - formal lectures and informal classroom teaching, preparation, picking up on arguments used, note taking;

Discussing philosophy - arguing and exploring, asking questions, communicating in concise and understandable ways; 

Writing philosophy - planning and researching essays and other written tasks, thinking up original examples, avoiding plagiarism
and other written tasks, thinking up original examples, avoiding plagiarism;

‎‘Philosophy: The Essential Study Guide’ in Persian has been published in 96 pages and 1000 copies.  
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