IBNA- The 39th Paris International Book Fair (Livre Paris) will open tomorrow as Iran is ‎participating in the event and Oman is the guest of honor. ‎
Iran participates at 39th Paris International Book Fair
According to IBNA correspondent, the four-day book fair is one of the major cultural events in France which has organized over 200 programs, meetings with writers and special sessions as well as sideline programs for children to strengthen the relation between them and books.

The event is anchored in the latest literary and editorial news. The aim is to resonate strong and committed voices that question the present time and try to write the world of tomorrow. Several new events have been organized to support the main program throughout the different stages. They offer every day and on each stage, rendez-vous in the most varied formats possible.

The Book of Persian Gulf’ which has been translated into 10 languages will be unveiled at the stand of Iran in Paris Book Fair on Sunday, March 17 with a number of Iranian cultural and political figures in attendance.

This year, Oman is the guest of honor as the result of a long history of cultural exchanges between this country and France, and the recognition of the pioneering role of the Omani book in the regional cultural landscape. Several Omani literati will attend the event on the occasion, however, some critics have questioned the participation of Oman as a country which imposes ban on books.
Throughout the theme "writers facing the world", the event invites and honors leading foreign authors. By valuing the presence of invited authors, Livre Paris integrates them into the everyday program.

Each year, Livre Paris offers its visitors a number of new exhibitions that highlight the work of an author or illustrator, the heritage of a publishing house or the anniversary of a collection.
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