IBNA- The comprehensive aviation book, ‘Flight: The Complete History’ has been ‎translated into Persian and released.‎
‎‘Flight: The Complete History’ available in Persian
According to IBNA correspondent, the Persian translator of the book Mahmoud Razzazan says that one of the engaging features of ‘Flight: The Complete History’ by R. G. Grant is simple eloquent prose and the integrity of its content. The book has been released by Havanavard (Aviator) publishing in Tehran.

From the early pioneers to the latest spaceflight technology, this groundbreaking book charts the inspirational story behind humankind's conquest of the skies. In the 100 years since the Wright brothers' first powered flight, aviation has witnessed many memorable events.

From record-breaking flights and aerial warfare, to advances in aircraft design and the race for space, Flight covers the most memorable moments in the history of aviation. Describing the feats of the brave men and women who piloted the early flying machines, to the pioneers of long-distance flight and the test pilots who ushered in the jet age, Flight is a gripping narrative of humankind's quest to conquer the skies and explore space.

Loaded with spectacular full-color photographs, dramatic first-hand accounts, and fact-filled profiles on a huge range of aircraft, this is an enthralling account of a century of innovation and adventure.
‘Flight: The Complete History’ in Persian has been published in 458 pages.

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