IBNA- 'Bijan Jalali, His Poetry and Our Heart' is a book on the life and career of modern ‎Iranian poet Bijan Jalali (1927-2000) by Kamyar Abedi, released by Jahan-e Ketab ‎publishing in Tehran.‎
Book on modern Iranian poet Bijan Jalali released ‎
According to IBNA correspondent, Jalali who began to compose his poems from the early 1960s was later regarded as one of the noted figures of Iranian free or blank verse, an open form of poetry which does not use consistent meter patterns, rhyme, or any musical pattern.

The book in eight chapters describes that Jalali had a delicate talent of poetry with an intuitive and mystical view on life. Kamyar Abedi, a friend of Jalali provides a detailed account of the poet's life- who was from a noble Iranian family- and his relation with his maternal uncle, the legendary Iranian modern writer Sadegh ‎Hedayat.

Elsewhere, Abedi focuses on understanding and analysis of Jalali's poetry. The book also features examples of his best poems including ‘The Color of Water’, ‘Days’, ‘Dailies’, ‘Our Heart and the World’, ‘Play of Light’, and ‘The Water and the Sun’.
Chapter Seven of the 'Bijan Jalali, His Poetry and Our Heart' offers writings by other Iranian poets and experts on the work of Jalali some with positive views, some with conditional appraisal and others with negative views. Among them are: Manouchehr Atashi, Ahmad-Reza Ahmadi, Moftoon Amini, Reza Barahani, Mohammad Hoqouqi, Najaf Daryabandari, Jalil Dostokhah, Nosrat Rahmani, Emran Salahi, Forough Farrokhzad, Zia’ Movahed and Nader Naderpour.

The last chapter of this work contains the bibliography of Bijan Jalali.

Following is an example of Jalali’s poems:
“With death
I would elope
to the galaxies
thus far
the path
with life

'Bijan Jalali, His Poetry and Our Heart' has been published in 220 pages and 700 copies.
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